Prepare for the journey.


Prepare for the journey.

In birth the stakes are high.

Becoming a parent tests who you are as a person and as a couple.

I help you prepare and navigate the profound and meaningful journey from pregnancy to parenthood, giving you the skills you need to become thriving, connected parents.

I help expectant families and birth professionals thrive through the transformative journey of birth.


Preparing for birth is about much more than learning the stages of labor or writing a birth plan. Birth offers you a unique opportunity to know yourself more wholly.

Choose from group online childbirth classes, an in-person weekend immersion, or a private course just for you!

Childbirth is more than just having a baby. My book Transformed by Birth invites you to discover childbirth as a transformational experience that alters your knowing of who you are.

Get your copy and open to the power of this unique life-changing experience.

A Six-Month, Online, Group Apprenticeship for Birth Professionals. Tending Your Heart, Head, and Hands so you can best serve families.

Birth work is soul work. You deserve support that goes beyond and delves deeper. Join us in 2023!

Britta holding Transformed by Birth


Labor, Birth, and New Parenthood Specialist 

Author, Transformed by Birth

Dr. Bushnell is a wife and mother, and a childbirth, relationship, and parenthood specialist, author, and speaker.

Using cultural mythology and ritual preparation, Dr. Bushnell challenges hidden preconceptions and helps individuals, couples, and birth professionals cultivate new ways to approach life’s most important transitions. Having worked with new families for over two decades, Dr. Bushnell blends her professional experience of the childbearing year with her doctoral study in mythology and psychology bringing a fresh approach to an age-old human experience.

She is an engaging teacher, storyteller, and speaker, and whether she's addressing a room of expectant parents, new mothers, kids, or seasoned birth professionals, she has a way of captivating and inspiring them all.

Britta lives in Southern California with her husband and (when they are in town) their two sons, who are now young adults.

"Humans are meaning making, ritual crafting, religion creating beings. We wrap ourselves in stories and mythology that help us understand who we are and what is important. It is childbirth’s fundamental character as a rite of passage, as a moment of great transformation created by our biology, that makes it so ripe for mythological exploration."

- Britta Bushnell, PHD

Britta made me feel better armed, mentally and emotionally, for the journey of birth on my own terms.

Mandy Moore, Singer and Actress, Childbirth Class Participant

Britta, you are a master at what you do.

Alecia Moore (aka P!NK), Singer Childbirth Class Participant with Husband, Carey Hart

The Transformed by Birth workshop transcends common conventional and technical knowledge of the birth process.

Keith, Partner & Class Participant