For those who have already been Transformed by Birth


• Are you hungry for time with your partner (and yourself!) focused on this pregnancy, birth, and child?

• Do you feel a need to ready yourself for THIS birth journey even though you've birth before?

• Are you looking to brush off your labor support strategies or learn new ones?

• Do you want to help your current child(ren) to adjust to being part of your growing family?

Preparing for the birth of a second or third (or ?) child brings a different unknown experience. When you've given birth before, you already know something about birth. Where before there was a gap in experience, now there is an experience or maybe two experiences filling the space where before there was only unknown. This brings with it the additional challenge of believing you know something about how THIS birth journey will go rather than remembering you are still in the unknown. And, having other children tends to make focusing on this pregnancy and birth more challenging, often leaving parents feeling like they aren't doing it "right" because it is SO different from their first journey, rather than an inherent part of the rite of passage of giving birth again.

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Birthing again classes cover:

  • Learning from your previous birth(s)
  • Skills refresher for navigating the challenges of labor
  • Sibling preparation
  • Preparation for being a larger family
  • Time to connect with yourself and your partner around THIS pregnancy, birth and your new child 


Birthing Again classes are currently only offered privately

Options: In-person (Private location in Los Angeles/Santa Monica) or Online (Zoom)

3-4 hours in length (all at once or broken into two sessions)