The Gifts of Seventh-Grade: The Joys of Traveling with Teens

By Dr. Britta Bushnell | September 29, 2013

There are many gifts we’ve received from our journey away, some were expected, others less so and some were complete surprises. Enjoying spending nearly every moment for a year with my seventh-grade son was not something I expected. First off, I hated seventh-grade. I mean hated it. It was a rough year for me on…

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Audiobooks, Routines, and What it Means to be Home

By Dr. Britta Bushnell | September 11, 2013

Audiobooks are a part of our life…before, while traveling, and again now that we’ve returned home. While traveling, we listened to audiobooks (most often referred to as “books on tape” proving the age of the parents carefully selecting books for our family’s education and entertainment). We listened to many while in Europe as that was…

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The Alchemical Shift from Stuff to Treasure

By Dr. Britta Bushnell | August 26, 2013

Tonight, I’m so tired. I’m tired of living out of boxes. I’m tired of the smell of the guest house when there are four of us living back here with our dog and all our crap (both in boxes and oozing from them) where little bits of food can easily hide and worse, rot. My…

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Traveling Nomads and Memories

By Dr. Britta Bushnell | August 15, 2013

  The strange truth of our re-entry so far is we are living all in one room, not all that unlike how we lived as traveling nomads. Our home currently is a one-room, yoga-studio, guest house that has many boxes and a few crammed beds. The boys’ bunkbed is at the foot of the one…

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Coming Back…Still living out of suitcases

By Dr. Britta Bushnell | August 14, 2013

Back. Yes, we are back. It is a strange sensation really to be here and at the same point so very normal. We are altered and changed in ways we know and have yet to discover. We came home to an empty home, our master closet covered in cat pee, roots growing into our septic…

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