Book Group

Transformed by Birth

with author, Britta Bushnell, PhD

Two separate groups

Do you love exploring books with others?

Are you hungry to engage more deeply with the cultural ideals shared in Transformed by Birth?

Does working with a text more closely with the guidance of its author sound enticing to you?

Join author, Britta Bushnell, for this special author-lead book club. We will dive more deeply into the eight cultural ideals that press down upon us from the Overculture. We'll  dance with the twins Artemis and Apollo from Greek mythology. And we'll explore the ideas, practices, and concepts shared in Transformed by Birth and how they pertain to life both within and beyond the childbearing years.

Pick the book club right for you

For Parents

This group is for those who are currently pregnant, considering becoming pregnant, or who are parenting babies or young children.

For Professionals

This group is for those who work with families during the childbearing years.

• Week One: Introduction & Chapters 1-3

(Introduction of the 8 ideals of the Overculture)

• Week Two: Chapters 4-7

(Dive into the Labyrinth, Artemis/Apollo, Pain and Support)

• Week Three: Chapters 8-10

(Loss of innocence, Journey to the Underworld, and letting go of perfection)

• Week Four: Chapters 11-14 and Epilogue

(Early parenthood, partnership, and transformation integration)



February 15th, 22nd, March 1st, & 8th

6-7:30pm PT/9-10:30pm ET

Three pricing options:

Community: $35 Member: $55 Supporter: $75


February 15th, 22nd, March 1st, & 8th

10-11:30am PT/1-2:30pm ET

Three pricing options:

Community: $35 Member: $55 Supporter: $75

Some scholarships available. Contact us for details.

Britta Bushnell, PhD

Dr. Britta Bushnell (she/her) is a wife and mother, author of Transformed by Birth, veteran childbirth educator, celebrated speaker, mythologist, and specialist in childbirth, relationship, and parenting. For over 20 years, Britta has worked with individuals and couples as they prepare for the life-changing experience of giving birth. Her work with parents and professionals has been enriched by her doctoral work in mythology and psychology, her years spent as a co-owner of and senior facilitator for Birthing From Within, as well as her dedicated study of storytelling and  Solution-Focused approach to mentoring and workshop facilitation.

Read more about Britta here.