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Behind the Curtain…Recording My Audiobook

Recording Audiobook

This blog is for those of you interested in the deeper truth and more personal sharing about my experience recording the audio version of my book. If that interests you, keep reading. I’m at the airport in Denver about to catch my flight home from an intense five days in Colorado. I came to record…

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On This Day…Sharing Birth Stories

My birth story. Fourteen years ago today I was precisely 40 weeks pregnant with our second child. Yep, it was my estimated due date. It was also the day after we had new sod go in our newly landscaped backyard. Frustrating the avid gardener in me, the landscapers did not “tamp down” the new grass,…

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Things Don’t Always Go as Planned or Expected

For the last three months I have been eagerly awaiting June 4th, the day I would get to welcome a group of birth worker sisters to my workshop space and home for a sisterhood retreat and sleepover. Together and individually we prepared for our time together: gathered necessary items, planned our time, prepared the space,…

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Mentoring works both ways

Last night was class #6. That’s the grand finale, filled with lots of great experiences to send the parents off ready for the adventure of childbirth and new parenthood. I’ve been doing this a long time, almost 13 years now, and you could say that for the most part I can push the play button…

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The labor of dissertation writing

It seems fitting to be writing my dissertation on birth. Yes, I’ve been working in the field of childbirth in one way or another since 1999, but that’s not to what I’m referring. No, this is far more metaphorical in nature. In fact, there is no single metaphor more fitting for the journey of dissertation…

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