My Baby is 5 Months • Postpartum Body Poem #6

Postpartum Body Poem #6 My little baby girl is 5 months today. Incredible. Everything about having a baby. Receiving the light My pupils delicate, bright The sun, the one, everything has come undone …for the better My breast, plump, and young when filled with nectar for my little one Stretched and pulled awry once she…

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“These are my bones. They are misplaced.”

“THIS IS MY BODY” • POEMS BY POSTPARTUM MOTHERS • #5″ These are my bones. They are misplaced. They’ve shifted. Or they’re missing. They creak as I stand. They hobble as I take my first steps. I’ve become old and unstable, calcium wringing out from my femur and into my breastmilk. Take take take. This…

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