Taking the time to process your difficult birth experience allows you to become the parent you truly want to be.

Birth doesn’t always go as planned. Even if we study, prepare, and do all the things we hope will help us birth as we intend to, still, events can, and often do, arise that we don’t expect. Navigating the emotional dissonance that can arise from the arrival of a dearly wanted baby through undesired means can make adjusting to life as a new parent even more tumultuous than it already is.

It can feel strange, or even wrong, to be feeling pain, regret, grief, and more about your birth, while you might also be experiencing joy and deep love for your baby. And, “people” don’t understand and can say well-meaning, but hurtful comments like, “be happy you have a healthy baby.” Of course you’re happy your baby is healthy. AND you can still mourn for the imagined birth that didn’t come to be.

Giving birth through undesired means can be difficult and sometimes traumatic.

How can such an experience be healed?

How can a parent hold the experience with self-tenderness and forgiveness of self and others?

Or maybe, a parent just needs to look at the experience through new eyes, to have a place to talk, explore, and process what happened?

Here, we will explore what happened in new ways using multi-sensory tools, so you can begin to move forward toward healing. You can begin to heal. This workshop can help.

*Birthing individuals attend alone without their babies or partners.