Preparation for Birth as a Transformative Experience

Becoming a parent is a powerful journey filled with questions, excitement, some trepidation, and joy. Everywhere expectant parents turn they receive advice about how to birth, parent, feed, and care for their yet unborn child. They can be bombarded by birth stories even while at the grocery store or from well-meaning friends. Navigating the waters of pregnancy and birth can be challenging in the face of so much information and so many good intentions.

Preparing for your birth with my childbirth classes is stepping into truly holistic childbirth education and preparation. These classes prepare you for birth not just in the mind—learning about the process of birth from the parent's perspective—but with your body and your closest relationships too. Preparing for birth involves learning how to cope with the possibility of pain, intensity, and fatigue while also and perhaps most importantly, preparing for the unknown and unknowable aspects of labor, birth, and new parenthood.

These childbirth classes help you tap into the internal resources you need to navigate your birth journey with wise intentionality rather than rigid goals, so that you will know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Weekend childbirth classes take place at a private studio. Address provided upon registration & payment. $575 (price increases in 2020).

November 16th & 17th • Saturday and Sunday • 10am-6pm • Santa Monica
(SOLD OUT. Contact us to be added to the waitlist.)

Weekly childbirth classes take place at a private studio in Santa Monica on Monday evenings from 6:00 - 9:00pm.

Classes for experienced birthing parents. Topics include: learning from your previous birth experience(s), pain coping refresher, sibling prep, and postpartum/relationship preparation for bringing home another baby. This class takes place at Britta's private studio in Santa Monica. Address provided upon registration & payment. $375

Contact us for more info or to be notified when a Birthing Again class is scheduled.

Need or want private or small group workshops in preparation for childbirth? Do you have a difficult schedule, need privacy, or want to take classes according to your own availability or with friends? These classes take place at Britta's private studio in her home in Santa Monica at a mutually arranged time.

Private workshops meet for 9 hours in either two 4.5-hour sessions or three 3-hour sessions ($4,500). Semi-private workshops accommodate up to three couples for 12 hours in either two 6-hour sessions or three 4-hour sessions ($5,000).

Availability is limited. Contact us for more info, to enroll, or to inquire about scheduling and availability.


Six Week Series and Immersions are $575 per birthing individual (partner included). Birthing Again workshops are $300. Some scholarships available. Contact us to apply. Please contact us to be added to the waitlist or for more information on any of our classes. All prices will be increasing on January 1, 2020.

If you are looking for classes that educate and prepare you for labor while facilitating deep connection between you and your partner for birth and have found them.

What makes these childbirth classes unique?

Above all, birth is a transformational experience for all involved. To give birth is to be forever altered in many profound ways. It is a rite of passage that takes you from person to parent and brings a new being onto the planet. There is no one way to give birth. Birth has its own agenda, timeline, and plan. Therefore, all the careful study and detailed planning cannot dictate exactly how your birth will happen. There is much you can do to support the journey and, ultimately, the most valuable preparation is learning how to adapt to the unexpected. Birth, like parenthood, is a practice of letting go of expectations—acknowledging that control is impossible. Learning how to be resourceful when the intense forces of nature take over, is powerful preparation for birth. Labor and birth are powerful. To meet these energies one must let go, be flexible, and be equally powerful and OPEN.

Preparing for this journey requires learning in the body and through practice. In birth, the intellect that you are used to in normal life will be transformed. The experience shifts to a bodily one. You must give birth in the body. Therefore, preparation also needs to be body-centered through practice and learning that sinks deeper—learning that can be accessed when the intellect is less active due to the hormonal refocusing that occurs in labor. These childbirth classes do this. Informational sessions are taught in a way that informs through story and images easily retained and accessed in the mental fog that is created by the hormonal cocktail served by labor. You will learn ways to cope with pain and intense sensations. You will practice alone or with your partner, gaining confidence and competence to actually be successful in birth and as birth support.

And what about birth partners?

Birth partners are more than "birth coaches" needing to learn the best cheers to keep you going. These loved ones are having a baby too and are also being transformed into parents. Their experience is important and vital. Partners have a unique role. They are not only becoming parents themselves, but they are expected to be superhuman while supporting their beloved in a completely unfamiliar and challenging experience, AND they are expected to be good at it! This is a tall order. Together in these childbirth classes, we do all that we can to build the skills of your partner as well as develop your familiarity with working together as a team. Sometimes it is just as difficult for the one birthing to learn how to receive support as it is for the partner to know how to give it. In these childbirth classes, partners are prepared for birth, not just informed about its mechanics.

Our childbirth classes support couples in getting through labor together. This support does not stop when the baby is born. Couples receive skills that will support them in their relationship after the baby arrives. Going from a couple to parents and family is a transition. And one that needs love, attention, and oftentimes, a guide. In these classes, the relationship between the parents is seen as central to a thriving family.