Preparation for Birth as a Transformative Experience



Becoming a parent is a powerful journey filled with questions, excitement, some trepidation, and joy. Everywhere you turn you are likely receiving advice about how to birth, parent, feed, and care for your yet unborn child. Navigating the waters of pregnancy and birth can be challenging in the face of so much information and so many good intentions. Frankly, it can be too much. Together in these classes, we go beyond information (although you will learn what's important to know about birth) and into the self-exploration about navigating this powerful threshold crossing into parenting. Your time is valuable and precious. Let's make use of it wisely. Let's go deeper together and prepare you for birth not just in the mind but with your body, heart, and in your closest relationships too. 

Are you wondering how to figure out what's right for YOU in the midst of so many opinions about labor, birth, and new parenthood?

Do you want to be deeply connected with your partner for birth and beyond?

Is being fully prepared for birth really important to you but you're not interested in attending a boring class?

Support for Expectant Parents

If you are looking for classes that educate and prepare you for labor while facilitating deep connection between you and your partner for birth and beyond...
you have found them.



Childbirth Preparation in Intimate Group
Small group live classes to create an intimate online experience.

July 12th and 19th SOLD OUT

August 22nd and 29th

October 24th and 25th

December 12th and 13th

Two Days 9am-12:30pm and 2pm-5:30pm (all times are Pacific Time) Attendance in all four sessions required. In addition to the live class time there will be additional videos to view between the two sessions.

Cost for this online class is $450 instead of the usual $650.

These classes are for those parents interested in going deeper into the transformative journey inspired by birth and new parenthood. These classes are for people who want to engage with other parents on the journey toward birth and are open to learning about and from others on a similar path. These classes are for those parents who want to prepare for birth fully and also recognize that events can and sometimes do go occur in ways other than we hope and expect. These classes are for those who want their partnership/relationship to play a key role in their birth and postpartum experience.

These classes are NOT for parents looking to watch classes on their own schedule as these classes are live, not recorded. These classes are not for people interested in passive learning as these classes are interactive. These classes are not for people looking to be told how they should give birth by an authority figure.

In-person classes are on hold until further notice. These classes will resume soon as it is safe again to begin gathering.


Weekend childbirth classes take place across two days (Saturday and Sunday) in Santa Monica from 10am-6pm each day.

Immersions are $650 per birthing individual (partner included).

Classes for experienced birthing parents. Topics include: learning from your previous birth experience(s), pain coping refresher, sibling prep, and postpartum/relationship preparation for bringing home another baby. This class takes place in Santa Monica. Address provided upon registration & payment.

Birthing Again workshops are $450.



Do you have a difficult schedule, need privacy, or want to take classes according to your own availability or with friends? Private or semi-private classes might be for you. These classes take place at Britta's private studio in Santa Monica at a mutually arranged time. Private workshops meet for 9 hours in either two 4.5-hour sessions or three 3-hour sessions. Semi-private workshops accommodate up to three couples for 12 hours in either two 6-hour sessions or three 4-hour sessions. Availability is limited.

Private workshops are $4,500 and semi-private workshops are $5,000.

Scholarships available for in-person and online classes. Contact us for details.

QUESTIONS? Reach out today.


Workshop space and restrooms are wheel chair accessible. A variety of seating material is available to accommodate differing needs. If you have specific concerns, please contact us.