Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I take classes?
  • It is best to complete your classes by 36 weeks gestation. Since classes are only offered about every 6 weeks, aim to start classes between 30-36 weeks. When everyone in the same class is due in a two month window it adds to the intimacy of the group through the shared camaraderie of being in a similar pregnancy moment.
2. Can my partner attend with me or is this class just for me?
  • Childbirth and childbirth classes are for BOTH of you! These classes are designed to support the birthing parent and their partner. Each parent experiences birth in their own way and preparation is important for both of you. You will get the most out of the classes when you attend with your intimate partner or with another person who will be part of your labor/postpartum support system.
3. What's covered?
  • Physiology of labor and birth
  • Working with your partner through contractions or when things get hard
  • Hormones of labor and why they matter
  • How to get the info and make decisions in the midst of labor
  • Cesarean birth
  • Hands-on support and positions for labor
  • Navigating unexpected or unwished for situations
  • Postpartum preparation
  • Metaphors to support you in the process of labor, birth
  • And much more!
4. What's not covered?
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding: If breastfeeding/chestfeeding is something you wish to do, we encourage you to take a class specifically dedicated to teaching this dynamic skill/relationship. Understanding the basics prior to birth is helpful as is developing a relationship with a lactation consultant you can reach out to after birth in the event you need more support.
  • Newborn care: If you or your partner are not familiar with caring for a newborn, taking an infant care class can be a great thing to do together.
  • Infant CPR: Highly recommended.
5.  Is your class for first time parents only?
  • There are different types of classes: complete preparation classes and refresher classes.
  • The online live and in-person immersion are complete preparation classes for those who have not birthed before, who want to do a full preparation course even if they have birthed before or are looking for a very different type of experience this time around, or for those couples for whom one partner has birthed before and one has not.
  • Refresher classes, called Birthing Again, are for those who have birthed before and want to do a shorter class that refreshes preparation for this new baby and birth without addressing the nuts and bolts of physiology and birth mechanics. You get to decide which suits you best.
  • Private childbirth classes can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
6.  Are your classes mainly for people planning to birth at home?
  • No. Deciding where to give birth is a personal choice based on many factors. There is not one single best way to birth for all people. These classes support YOU to make choices that feel best to you. Our classes usually have a mix of intended birth locations including home, birth center, and hospital. One size does not fit all. These classes are for those who understand that birth can be a transformative experience regardless of where or how you give birth.
7.  Are your classes recorded for viewing at another time?
  • No. These classes are to be attended live. They are interactive and engagement is encouraged.
8.  Do you discuss potential complications like cesareans?
  • Yes. Cesareans are always covered. One in three babies in the U.S. is born surgically. Surgical birth can be a path birth takes whether expected or not. As such, it is essential to address this form of birthing.
9. If I can't pay the whole fee at once, may I still register and make payments?
  • Yes you can pay a deposit to hold your spot with the balance due prior to the start of the first class.
10. What if I/we still have questions?
  • Reach out to us and we will do our best to help you! Or schedule a 15 minute Zoom or phone call with Britta to discuss your concerns or questions.
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"Britta, you are an incredibly gifted and hard working teacher. You have such an unique way of allowing us to access the information using our own thoughts and analysis, and your intuitive sense of when to push and when to wait is truly special."


Guiding Values

Curiosity—openness, self-reflective

Depth—below the surface, profound, heart-centered

Community—supportive, loving, just, and equitable

Growth—to evolve, grow, develop, change, continue

Integrity—honest, genuine, brave, true to self

Guiding Principles

  • Perfection is an illusion. Growth is valued here. We understand that setbacks, missteps, and “failures” are often opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Individuals are the experts in their own lives.
  • Not-knowing is a position and practice that has value in its own right.
  • Wisdom comes in many forms and from many sources.
  • Birth/postpartum work and soul work are interconnected.
  • Anti-racism, LGBTQIA inclusion, and intersectionality are inseparable from birth and postpartum work.
  • Brave communities of people are great for stimulating and supporting inner and outer development.