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Transformed by Birth

The Out-Of-Hospital Birth Experience

Brent and Britta

Relationships Under Quarantine

Transformed by Birth

Transformed by Birth

Cultural Ideals that Impact Your Birth

Cultivating Openness, Resilience, and Strength

A Person's Journey Through Birth

Birth as a Rite of Passage

The Myth of Control

How will birth transform you?

The Mother's Journey: Confronting the Unknown

How to Strengthen Your Marriage After Children

Human Transformation, Childbirth, Mythology, and Moving Through Life Transitions

Mythology and Metaphors during Childbirth

How to Strengthen Your Marriage After Children

Myth, Mythology, and the Wilderness Within

Past Speaking Engagements

Past Speaking Engagements

Opening Keynote • Awakening the Parent: Are You Supporting or Sabotaging Your Client's Transformation? October 5th, 2020.

Online childbirth course presented by Commune, featuring many experts in the field of childbirth, including Britta.

Relationships Under Quarantine • with Brent Kessel and Britta Bushnell, PhD

Northwest Doula Conference 
Keynote: "The Identity Transformation of Becoming a Parent"
October 28, 2019 • Seattle, WA

Lamaze LIVE! • Lamaze International Annual Conference
Pittsburgh, PA
April 13, 2019  Mainstage Presentation
Transformed by Birth: Preparing Parents for the Life-Changing Experience of New Parenthood

Annual Fundraising Breakfast • Smart Start New Hanover County
Keynote: "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"
April 9, 2019

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
July 21st, 10:15-11:45am
Reducing Emotional Trauma from an Unexpected Cesarean

Much can be done to reduce the emotional impact of an unexpected cesarean. By addressing cesareans prenatally and role-playing a typical cesarean, parents learn coping skills ahead of time in the event a cesarean becomes necessary. This session taught birth professionals successful ways to support parents before, during, and in recovery from an unexpected cesarean birth. Learn more.

Louisville, KY
April 20th, 9:30-10:30am
The Veneration of Information and Technology, and the Loss of Intuition:
How Childbirth Educators Can Help Parents Learn to Listen to Their Own Inner Wisdom

Access to technology is an ever-present modern experience. No time in history have we had such easy access to information as we do today. Why then do parents struggle more than ever with how to birth, care for their baby, and generally make their way through the myriad of “right ways?” As a culture, we have a veritable encyclopedia of information in our back pockets in the form of our smartphones. Gone are the moments of wondering how to best handle a situation or a question; if we are unsure, we simply "Google it." We have become more uncomfortable pausing in the increasingly unfamiliar space of not knowing. The rapid motion to find the answer (as if ONE exists) has quieted the voice of our intuition making it submissive to other sources for guiding our actions, harder to hear, and seemingly less trustable.

Birth professionals have a unique role to play in helping parents find ways to re-engage with their intuition. By watching the ways we act as the all-knowing expert from which right answers flow and learning instead to adopt more curiosity about what the parent knows, wants to know, and what they think would be best for them, birth professionals can go a long way to helping parents listen to their own wisdom.

In this one-hour session, we will identify the way technology and information have reduced parents' familiarity with wonder, not-knowing, and uncertainty, and increased their dependency on outside knowledge through the internet or experts in their field. Additionally, we will learn new ways birth professionals can support parents in developing a stronger sense of their own wisdom, preparing them to be stronger and more resilient birthing individuals and parents.

Presented by The Midwives Alliance of North America and the California Association of Midwives Foundation
Being Solution-Focused in a Problem-Focused World: Communication Skills to Build Bridges Rather than Walls
It is very easy to focus on the problems we face. New parents often come to healthcare providers looking for the “right” answers. But becoming a parent requires learning to look within for the answers that are right for us, rather than the illusive “right answer” that does not exist universally. As healthcare providers, we can significantly help parents develop the skill of looking for solutions that work best for them and in turn, helping to engage their inner parental resources so necessary during the years of parenthood. Additionally, as midwives, it is important to have skills for working with other healthcare professionals during transfers and other situations. Learning to build bridges rather than walls with other professionals improves the overall care of the parents you serve. In this session, we will explore a different mindset; one that is solution focused and involves asking more and different questions.

An audio recording of this presentation can be purchased here.

DONA INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2017- Cultivating Connections: It starts with us.
Available online
Control and Certainty in Childbirth: How these cultural ideals work against parents and what doulas can do to help
Birth, as a natural event, challenges ideas of control and defies certainty. Birth and postpartum doulas are in a unique position to help families develop tools for responding skillfully to unexpected events in childbirth and parenting. This session addresses why a more open mindset is beneficial in parenthood and how doulas can help new parents strengthen this skill in the process of preparation for and experience through labor and birth.

Solution-Focused Communications Workshop
Led two different two-hour sessions for financial planning company at their annual company gathering on using solution-focused questions with clients.

“It has been a great pleasure to have Britta Bushnell, PhD. present at the DONA International 2017 virtual conference. She was engaging and thought provoking. Her content was fresh and exciting. We had attendees say that they could not stop writing notes, while she spoke and veteran professionals wrote about her presentation “Terrific content and ideas.” Even one of our founders, Penny Simkin, was intrigued and wanted to continue the conversation with Britta. I am curious to see what future mind blowing presentations Dr. Bushnell has in store for us. I love those Aha moments.”

Yana Katzap-Nackman BA,IBCLC,CD(DONA), PCD/PDT(DONA)
DONA International Conference committee Western Pacific US Director DONA International

britta bushnell speaking engagement
Britta Bushnell Speaker at Smart Start Conference
Britta Bushnell Author Transformed by Birth
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