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Transformed by Birth

Cultivating Openness, Resilience, and Strength

Transformed by Birth

Transformed by Birth

Cultural Ideals that Impact Your Birth

The Out-Of-Hospital Birth Experience

A Person's Journey Through Birth

Birth as a Rite of Passage

The Myth of Control

How will birth transform you?

The Mother's Journey: Confronting the Unknown

How to Strengthen Your Marriage After Children

Brent and Britta

Relationships Under Quarantine

Mythology and Metaphors during Childbirth

How to Strengthen Your Marriage After Children

Myth, Mythology, and the Wilderness Within

Human Transformation, Childbirth, Mythology, and Moving Through Life Transitions

“It has been a great pleasure to have Britta Bushnell, PhD. present at the DONA International 2017 virtual conference. She was engaging and thought provoking. Her content was fresh and exciting. We had attendees say that they could not stop writing notes, while she spoke and veteran professionals wrote about her presentation “Terrific content and ideas.” Even one of our founders, Penny Simkin, was intrigued and wanted to continue the conversation with Britta. I am curious to see what future mind blowing presentations Dr. Bushnell has in store for us. I love those Aha moments.”

Yana Katzap-Nackman BA,IBCLC,CD(DONA), PCD/PDT(DONA)
DONA International Conference committee Western Pacific US Director DONA International

britta bushnell speaking engagement
Britta Bushnell Speaker at Smart Start Conference
Britta Bushnell Author Transformed by Birth
Presenting Lamaze live