Childbirth preparation for seekers

Launching 2021!

  • Do you you have a hunch that feeling truly prepared for birth and baby is about more than knowing the stages of labor?
  • Are you hungry to get ready for your birth and new roles as parents but also need flexibility to explore at your own pace and schedule?

Then this self-paced online childbirth preparation course is for you!

The journey from pregnancy into parenthood is an unknowable one. It is about curiosity. Courage. Surrender. And it cracks your heart open. While it might be nice to have a crystal ball to tell you what exactly to prepare for, it is the wild unknown of birth and baby that will be one of your most profound teachers.

Explore childbirth as a transformational experience that alters your knowing of who you are and lasts long after pregnancy and birth are over.

Be the first to access this ground-breaking new approach to online childbirth preparation. We'll be in touch in February with all the details!

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with Britta Bushnell, PhD, author of Transformed by Birth.

Author, veteran childbirth educator, celebrated speaker, and specialist in guiding clients and audiences to revolutionary new approaches to childbirth, relationship, and parenting.

Britta, you are a master at what you do.

Alecia Moore (aka P!nk)

Everything we discussed and explored during class stuck with me and has had a deep impact on me as a woman and mother."


It was exactly what we needed - childbirth education with heart, soul, and meaning.


It was more than just an education, it was the spark that I needed to begin the journey into fatherhood with confidence and insight."


The best thing about Britta's classes was that they greatly strengthened my relationship with my partner."