10. The Vaginapractor and Me with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Kimberly Johnson Transformed interview
Transformed podcast

We’re wrapping up the first season of TRANSFORMED with Kimberly Ann Johnson aka MAGAMAMA. Her book, The Fourth Trimester, should be required reading for most birthing women. Her courses guide participants to an embodied understanding of the nervous system and how this body wisdom matters for those of us pursuing a well-lived life. In this episode, Kimberly shares personal stories as well as deep wisdom, starting with her experience and knowledge of the postpartum period and taking us through parenting teenagers, big life changes, and fundamental nervous system know-how.

In this episode, Kimberly  and I discuss:
• Kimberly’s personal postpartum journey
• Depression after birth
• Understanding the nervous system as Life 101
• Moving away from your parents as an adult
• Jaguar parenting
• Parenting as an unequal relationship
• Writing her new book

The body just keeps talking louder and louder because it’s trying to get us to listen to a more fundamental message“- Kimberly

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a somatic practitioner, birth doula, and postpartum educator who specializes in helping women recover from all forms of trauma. In her work, she’s seen the same themes play out time and again. In a culture that prioritizes executive function and “mind over matter”, many women are suffering from deeply unresolved pain that causes mental and physical stagnation and illness.


To Connect with Kimberly and her work:
Visit her website

Produced by Aleksa Mara
Edited by Veronica Gruba
Hosted & Created by Britta Bushnell, PHD

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