1. Transformation & Resilience in Times of Stress with Nkem Ndefo

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Transformed podcast

FEATURED GUEST: Nkem Ndefo, Lumos Transforms and the Resilience Toolkit

In this podcast episode, Nkem reflects on the role of resilience in transformation, pregnancy, birth, parenting, stress, epigenetics, and self-care. With an emphasis on stress and stress relief, we discuss ways to prepare for a big life change, even when it’s too fast, even when there’s trauma involved.

One of the most powerful things we can do as parents is to “settle” our own stress. To be as calm as possible in the moment at hand.“- Nkem Ndefo

Nkem is the founder of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit. She is a skilled practitioner, dynamic speaker, and valued strategist. She is known for her unique ability to connect with people of all types by holding powerful healing spaces, weaving complex concepts into accessible narratives, and creating synergistic and collaborative learning communities that nourish people’s innate capacity for healing, wellness, and connection. As a clinician, Nkem has worked in settings ranging from large volume hospitals to mobile community clinics. She founded and operated a full scope midwifery and homebirth practice from 2000-2007. And she has maintained a small holistic private practice in Los Angeles since 2007.


To learn more about Nkem and her work with individuals, businesses and nonprofits, visit her website.

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Produced by Aleksa Mara
Edited by Veronica Gruba
Hosted & Created by Britta Bushnell, PHD

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is a writer, teacher, storyteller, and mentor who blends her eclectic training, years of experience, and areas of study into a unique offering for individuals, couples, professionals, and groups. Britta is currently deep at work writing her forthcoming book, Transformed by Birth: Illuminating cultural ideals to enhance the experience of childbirth.