Private Consultations

Something special happens when we sit down together in intimate conversation with the focus entirely on you, your life, and what you want. What aspects of your life would you benefit from the support of an experienced mentor? Your work with me starts with the question; “how can I help?” Once you take that first step forward, the journey unfolds like the mist clearing from a path already before you.

Postpartum Groups

These circles for new parents form an intimate community with whom you can connect, share, and explore the transformation that is occurring within you as you evolve as a parent. Join a circle of other new parents who are also being transformed by parenthood, sharing a space where personal transformation is the central theme of our group conversation.

Couples Workshops

Every couple needs a little support at some point along the relationship journey. Relationship is not just finding the “right” person and all will be easy. Instead, relationship is a process, a journey, a struggle and a party…depending on the day! This is especially true when couples become parents. These workshops put the focus back on your intimate relationship while remembering you are parents with the unique demands and emotional textures that parenting brings.

Birth Healing Sessions

Taking the time to process your difficult birth experience allows you to become the parent you truly want to be. Birth doesn’t always go as planned. Even if we study, prepare, and do all the things we hope will help us birth as we intend to, still, events can, and often do, arise that we don’t expect. Navigating the emotional dissonance that can arise from the arrival of a dearly wanted baby through undesired means can make adjusting to life as a new parent even more tumultuous than it already is.