Prepare to be Transformed by Birth

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• Does a full schedule make it difficult for you to find time to focus on your pregnancy and upcoming birth?

• Do you want to be deeply connected with your partner for birth and beyond?

• Are you looking for a personalized and private childbirth class to address what matters most to you and your partner as you journey into parenthood?

Your time is valuable and your privacy matters. Private childbirth classes give you and your partner the ability to focus exclusively on each other, address your unique needs, and accommodate special circumstances. And, when scheduling is challenging and/or privacy highly valued, private classes give you and your partner all of what you'd receive in group classes but entirely designed for you and your needs. 

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These classes are for those:

  • Interested in going deeper into the transformative journey inspired by birth and new parenthood

  • Wishing to maintain privacy on the journey toward birth

  • Desiring to prepare for birth fully and also recognize that events can and sometimes do occur in ways other than we hope and expect

  • Wanting their partnership/relationship to play a key role in their birth and postpartum experience


  • 9-10 hours of private live instruction with Britta
  • Two recorded video modules to review between sessions for discussion 
  • Necessary supplies
  • Workshop packet
  • Signed copy of Transformed by Birth
  • Access to Britta via email for questions between sessions

Classes can be scheduled as follows according to your needs:

  • In person—3 three hour sessions or 2 four/five hour sessions at Britta's office in Santa Monica
  • Online—6/7 ninety minute sessions
  • Hybrid—2 three hour sessions and 2 ninety minute sessions

Investment: $7500

britta bushnell birth apprenticeship

Space is extremely limited. Britta only works with two private childbirth class clients at a time.