Relationship Restoration

Practices to Deepen Your Love

with Kara Hoppe, MFT
& Britta Bushnell, PhD

Join us online on March 2nd & 9th
8-9:30 pm PST

Has parenthood put your relationship on the back burner?

Do you long for your relationship to thrive even during parenthood?

Is it hard to find time and energy to focus on the two of you and your relationship in the midst of all that parenthood demands of you both?

Are you hungry for relationship mentoring that really makes a difference?

Parents often struggle with increased stress, fatigue, and they often have less time and energy to focus on building a secure, loving relationship with one another. If you're a parent of kids at any age, and have noticed your relationship isn't as strong as it used to be, you are not alone. Your relationship deserves to THRIVE!

By the end of this two-session workshop you and your partner will:

  • Have new relationship restoration practices to strengthen your connection
  • Understand the basics of the nervous system and why it matters for your relationship
  • Develop skills to self-regulate and co-regulate nervous systems with your partner
  • Discover meaningful ways to hold your relationship so that it can thrive and the individuals who comprise it can too
  • Feel reconnected again from time spent focusing on your special relationship with one another

Logistical Details:

This online workshop takes place on two Wednesday evenings:

March 2nd & 9th, 8-9:30pm PST

(hopefully that's after the kids have gone to bed)

COST: $65

A few scholarship spots available. Contact us for more info.

Your Mentors

Kara Hoppe, MFT

Kara Hoppe, MA, MFT, is a mother, psychotherapist, teacher, artist, and storyteller and co-author of Baby Bomb: A Relationship Survival Guide for New Parents. She has spent more than a decade working with individuals and couples toward healing and growth, and toward becoming grounded, integrated people with better access to their own instincts, wisdom, and creativity. Hoppe currently sees clients in private practice in California.

Read more about Kara here.

Britta Bushnell, PhD

Dr. Britta Bushnell (she/her) is a wife and mother, author of Transformed by Birth, veteran childbirth educator, celebrated speaker, mythologist, and specialist in childbirth, relationship, and parenting. For over 20 years, Britta has worked with individuals and couples as they prepare for the life-changing experience of giving birth. Her work with parents and professionals has been enriched by her doctoral work in mythology and psychology, her years spent as a co-owner of and senior facilitator for Birthing From Within, as well as her dedicated study of the Solution-Focused approach to mentoring, storytelling, and workshop facilitation.

Read more about Britta here.