This is My Body • Poems by Postpartum Mothers • #4

These are my boobs, they make me feel confident and full of strength. Breastfeeding has been one of my most favorite things to do as a mom. I give B nutrients and comfort all at the same time. They make me feel like a powerful woman.

This is my belly button, it looks nothing like it use to. And, I’m surprisingly ok with that. It is a constant reminder for me to love myself as I evolve and change.

This is my vagina, and I feel disconnected from her. I think it’s because I’m still working through and finding some peace with how my labor went….

This is my C-section scar. This is how B came out of me. Some days, it reminds me just how long and difficult my labor was and how strong I was over those two days. Other days, it makes me feel less than, like the phrase “I gave birth” doesn’t apply to me.

This is my back, and most days it frustrates me. I thought I was physically strong before having B, but now I’m not sure. It aches most days, and he’s getting so big that I struggle holding him for more than 30 minutes.

This is my brain, it gives me peace and strength. I believed strongly in the concept of mind over matter before I was a mom, and I only believe in that even more now. My mind is often but not always a place of stillness and quiet. I draw upon that stillness a lot as I go about my days.

Shared with permission


~This poem is part of a series of poems written by new mothers as part of a postpartum group/mothers’ circle facilitated by Britta Bushnell. The assignment was for each new mother to introduce their bodies to themselves and the group through poetry. Mothers were given the following instructions:

“Spend some time getting to know your new mother’s body. Pay attention to your body and how it has changed. Then, write a poem about it in the following format:
This is my (body part) it (what it does for you now as a parent/mother/woman).
Or…These are my ______, they______. (for plural parts like eyes, ears, hands, etc.)
Include your reproductive/sexual parts (breasts, belly, and vagina/yoni/your word choice) and a few others as well. Identify at least 8 body parts. New parents have limited time and adding something to your already busy schedule might make you grimace. Please try it! It’s a POWERFUL process.”

A new poem will be shared each Saturday morning for the next few months. If you would like to write and submit a poem to be shared, please contact Britta.

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