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We all experience life-changing events, but rarely do we talk about the places that profoundly change us and help us become who we are today. On this podcast, childbirth and relationship specialist and author Dr. Britta Bushnell pulls back the curtain shrouding life-altering events to take a deep look into the growing and expanding experiences of life that often open us up to who we must become. Subscribe to listen to the conversations Britta and her guests share about these profound threshold moments. Join the exploration and expand your capacity to hold space for the transformative rites of passage life gifts us all on the journey of being human.


7. A White Woman’s Mess: My Ongoing Process with Unpacking Racism

This episode is different. I don’t have a guest to talk with, it’s just me sharing my thoughts about racism. This episode is…

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6. Changing Your Life Through Story with Lewis Mehl-Madrona

In this episode I speak with author and physician Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona about how he brings storytelling and narrative into his healing processes….

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5. Holding Space for Our Broken Parts: A Childhood with Type 1 Diabetes with Kaden Kessel

In this episode, you get to enjoy an intimate conversation between mother and son about living with type 1 diabetes. Kaden was diagnosed…

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4. Transformation as a Revolution with Seane Corn

In this episode, Seane and I have a raw conversation about: Vulnerability in the creative process and its role in great change The…

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