Every couple needs a little support at some point along the relationship journey. Relationship is not just finding the “right” person and all will be easy. Instead, relationship is a process, a journey, a struggle and a party…depending on the day! This is especially true when couples become parents. These workshops put the focus back on your intimate relationship while remembering you are parents with the unique demands and emotional textures that parenting brings.

With the addition of a child, the loving intimate relationship that was once more primary can take a backseat to the pressing needs of parenting. There is a reason so many relationships fail in the first few years of parenthood. New skills are needed to navigate the unfamiliar waters of being a couple with children.

Brent and Britta

Relationship Under Quarantine

This special on-line and recorded workshop was co-facilitated by husband and wife Britta Bushnell, PhD and Brent Kessel, CFP.

workshop for Conscious City Guide and is available to view for free on YouTube here.

(Please note Conscious City Guide listed me as MD rather than PhD in both the YouTube title and the video heading. I have asked to have this corrected as it is incorrect. For clarity, I am NOT an MD.)

Every couple is better able to thrive when supported by community and relationship mentors. Our couples workshops have been created for the unique needs of couples with children.

Some of the topics addressed include:

✓ Skillful co-parenting
✓ Communication tools
✓ Family finances
✓ Renewing and deepening intimacy

These small groups are facilitated and guided to allow for maximum impact for all participants.


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Workshop Facilitators:

This workshop is co-facilitated by husband and wife Britta Bushnell, PhD and Brent Kessel, CFP. Brent and Britta have been together for over 25 years and married for 21. They co-parent their two teenage sons, navigate dual career paths, and focus on their relationship as fundamental to their lives.

In their years building a stronger and more connected relationship, they have attended numerous workshops together (both hits and flops), incorporated specific relationship practices into their marriage, and have assimilated many fascinating tools and deep caring into a powerful approach to helping couples fine tune their relationship instruments so that they sing!

Couples Workshops with Dr. Britta Bushnell