Presented by Britta Bushnell, PhD

Britta offers professional talks, workshops, and presentations on a variety of topics applicable to birth professionals (such as birth doulas, childbirth educators, postpartum support professionals, prenatal yoga instructors, and medical professionals). In addition, Britta offers workshops of a more personal nature for pregnant individuals, new parents, and couples.

Britta’s style is interactive and engaging. She weaves storytelling and metaphor into her workshops to deepen understanding of complex topics while also enlivening the imagination of her audience.

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Topics Include:


  • Transformed by Birth: the Seven Cultural Ideals (can briefly cover all 7 in a weekend workshop or a single one in a 2 hour presentation, any one topic can be expanded into a single day workshop with greater depth)
  • Control and Openness
  • Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Innocence and Maturity
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Pain and Transformation
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Perfection and Humility
  • When Things Don’t Go As Planned: Birth as a Rite of Passage
  • Mythology and Birth: Great Stories and How They Help Prepare for Birth
  • Embracing Artemis in an Apollonian Culture
  • What Greek Gods Have to Teach Us About Birth
  • Awakening the Inner Artemis for Birth
  • Building a Solution-Focused Mindset
  • Using the Labyrinth as a Tool for Birth
  • Storytelling for Birth Professionals
  • How to Engage Parents' Strength for Labor, Birth, and Postpartum
  • Embracing an Imperfect Birth
  • Adding Ceremony to Birth Preparation
  • Creative Ways to Teach the Mechanics of Labor and Birth
  • Building Bridges with Medical Teams
  • The Pillars of Birth
  • Great Stories for the Postpartum Journey
  • How to Stop Unintentionally Sabotaging Parents' Strength
  • AND MORE… (topics can be modified for specific audiences and custom workshops can be created to meet your needs)


  • Building a Solution-Focused Mindset
  • Healing from a Difficult Birth
  • Birth Art Exploration
  • Postpartum Preparation
  • Preparing Your Relationship for Baby
  • Relationship Tools for Busy Parents
  • Leaving the Chrysalis: Transformation of a Parent
  • Returning to Intimacy: Building a Deep Connection After Baby
  • Exiting the Labyrinth: Returning to Self After the Birth of a Baby
  • The Myth of Self-Care
  • Listening to Your Intuition When All the Answers Seem to Come from the Internet